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Sella & Mosca

Sella & Mosca

More than a century ago, two Piedmontese adventurers, Mr. Sella, an engineer, and Mr. Mosca, a lawyer, looked at the uncultivated land with new eyes. They fell in love and created Sella & Mosca. In 1899, the recovery of this land started and gave way to the beauty of the vines, aromas and colours of the grapes. Decades of work to free the soil from the rocks and give it new life.


  • Wunderbare Aromen von Zitronenschale, Ingwer, Lychee, schwarzen Beeren und mediterranen Kräuter; im Gaumen einen weichen Körper, seidigen Tanninen und viel Frucht; gerösteter Eiche und Zeder im Finish.

    6 Flaschen pro Holzkiste
    CHF 42.00
    75 cl