Vodka Rosemary

Roberto Cavalli
Typ Vodka
Herkunft Italien, Piemont
Produzent Roberto Cavalli Vodka
Inhalt 100cl
Alkoholgehalt 40 %
Artikel-Nr 000050304100
Vodka Rosemary

The fine aromatic essences of the leaves of evergreen rosemary bushes typical of the Mediterranean are extracted and added to the vodka. The extraction is done by an alcoholic infusion of the rosemary leaves and then distilling the infusion using steam distillation. This technique consists of sending a temperature controlled current of vapour through the liquid to be distilled. This prevents the elevated temperatures typical of direct distillation that could alter the freshness and fragrance of the aromatic substances. Clear and crystalline with a clean and genuine aroma graced with a subtle echo of rosemary. It goes into the mouth sweet, soft and well- balanced and then reveals a medium body with an elegant and silky quality infused with a soft aftertaste of rosemary.

CHF 64.00 / 100cl

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